I spent $9,263,728 on Facebook ads in the last 12 months... what did I learn?

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Understanding the Facebook pixel and advertising algorithm is like a superpower for business. Knowing how to use that power is the key to seismic scale.

Check out just some of the Harward Media results in the past 12 months...

Over $9 million in ad spend on Facebook advertising. This is NOT an agency! This was all on brands and offers owned by Harward Media, and generated over $29,000,000 in sales.

All that advertising makes Stripe accounts that look like this. More than $17 million in revenue and 48,225 BUYERS added to my list. In 12 months.

Or this Stripe account (representing credit card payments). Almost $5 million in revenue and more than 65,000 new buyers added to my list.

And this doesn't even include our 7-figure Shopify store or PayPal or my other $4 million+ Stripe account.

All real. All powered by the Facebook algorithm.

About Me.

What began as hacking my school's computer to change my grades, evolved into selling my first business to a Fortune 500 company by age 29. And so began my obsession with the algorithm.

I didn't know it at the time, but here we are, a few decades later, and the advertising world is dominated by algorithms. The algorithm is the most powerful force in marketing at scale in the world today.

Using my understanding of algorithmic marketing and data-shaping, I built 6 distinct 8-figure businesses on the algorithms of 3 different industry giants - Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Facebook is my current playground.

They Say

Lee Johnson

Affiliate Marketer

"Matt, you have given so much gold recently over CBOs.
I can’t thank you enough!"

Jeff Fearon


"I feel like I'm back in college and listening to the 'cool guy' professor... when I watch Matt's videos."

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